Vacuum Cleaners

My son likes the new vacuum cleaner that I bought. He asks to vacuum everyday. It completely makes me laugh seeing him decked out in his construction hat, and googles to vacuum. The protective gear is in case any dust should get in his eye or something fall on his head. He’s 5 and seriously just cracks me up.

I love that he is so helpful. We don’t call things chores, but contributions. He is part of a family and in this family we contribute. We discussed my contributions (rent, food, gas, clothes, toys, etc.) and his, keeping his room clean, putting away the silverware. The new vacuum cleaner is now his contribution too. He told me he needed to vacuum because I missed spots. Seriously!! I am glad he has an interest in keeping things neat, I know I am horrible at housekeeping and dream of hiring a maid. I will honestly admit that I am slop. When my son was 4 I asked him to clean up the clothes on his bedroom floor. He called  me a hypocrite (yes he really did). He said, “Mom you’re a hypocrite.Look at your room, you have clothes all over the floor.” I had no words!! But of course he was right, my clothes often make it to the floor and maybe the laundry basket when I do laundry.

I imagine my son as a young man, this boy, this man that I am raising and I wonder how much he will keep of who he is now. I wonder how the things he sees now and hears will shape him when he is 12, 15, and 20. How much will these memories mean to him?

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