Since I changed my number and asked J.D to use Skype we’ve heard nothing. My son asked to call J.D, we did three times and he never returned any of our calls. I am relieved and somewhat sad. Relieved because I don’t believe J.D cared about Jude, but only about hurting me and somehow getting back at me. Sad because I always hoped J.D would be a good Dad or at least try to be.

Having Jude changed me so much, it changed my thinking and my priorities. I wanted to be a better person for Jude. How is it possible that for J.D it did nothing? He used to say that he joined the Navy because of Jude. Jude didn’t come along until 2 years after J.D joined the Navy so that was a lie. Then he told me he spent so much time at work to be a better Navy Seal so he could make promotions and make money for Jude. Yet Jude never saw anything extra in the way of money. I told J.D, what Jude needs is you. Simply you and your time. In reality it is better that  Jude have as little as possible with Captain Narco.



2 thoughts on “Silence

  1. it is sad isn’t it but his father sounds very disordered – probably for the best that while he is developing contact is minimal – when he is an adult he will be able to understand and deal with him – not that it will be easy or great but an adult has way more capacity to handle someone like that than a child.

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