Family Court

I received a copy of final court order from Family Court. That was a joke. The court minutes and documents did not match what was said in court. When I spoke to my very expensive lawyer, she said, “Huh, well sometimes that happens.” Really? I spent $350 an hour for your time and that is your brilliant answer?

The judge asked me what I felt was appropriate for visitation with J.D. and our son. I said 30 days a year, up to 8 hours on non school days and 3 hours on school days, visiting starting in February, supervised until 6 visits are completed every other month in a one year. Once that is completed both parents will agree to meet with a 3rd party to discuss additional visits.  There was also specifics about phone calls, days and times, etc. None of that made it into the record. Supervised visits, every other month and 3rd party after a year are missing.  Nothing about phone calls was put in. I am completely disgusted by Family Court in Clark County Nevada. The judge would not agree to therapeutic visitation or any sort of reunification for Jude and J.D., saying that J.D living in San Diego made it difficult for him to attend those things.

J.D never filed an opposition, to my move, yet we had 3 court hearing where he was able to tell the judge I was crazy (She’s still in love with me and won’t let me have a relationship with our son), and I was a danger to our child (I fear for his safety he went to the emergency in March for an injury. I got the bill, but I don’t want custody).  The judge did tell J.D that he might want to get a lawyer and put all this in writing. To which my ex said, oh yeah he was getting a lawyer, right away. The first hearing he objected to move the second and third he said he’d never had a problem with my move only with me not letting him see Jude.

I was not awarded attorney’s fees. The judge said, “Well you wanted to move!” Yes I wanted to move so why should J.D. be able to deny the move? Why should a person who has only visited his child 4 times in 5 years for a total of 15 hours be able to stop my move? I asked for 50% of child care costs and the judge denied that. My ex never filed his financial disclosure as was requested. All he did was show up by phone twice to two hearings he knew I was at and in person to the one hearing he knew I wasn’t going to be at. Our Family Court system is a joke. I spent a total of $20,000 to get this move.

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