3rd Time

During all the court room drama, I learned that J.D is marrying the Dog Sitter. They have a date for December. My first thought was I felt so sorry for that poor girl. Second thought was, this is going to be fun to watch. I truly am amazed he would hazard a 3rd marriage. After the first he vowed never to wed again and yet he married and divorced me.

What is funny to me is that he still denies he is with this girl. In mediation he gave this explanation about how when he is deployed he has a friend pick up his mail every day for him and take care of his dog.  I said, “So for 6 months you leave your dog home alone except for once a day visits?”

J.D said, “Oh he is fine.” I said, “Don’t you have a girlfriend living with you?” He denied her and went on to the mediator his dog sitter got his mail and got the certified letter and that was how he knew I was trying to move.  She (the girlfriend)  signed her name on the certified letter card  yet he still can’t admit he is with her.

After mediation he called me and like an idiot, I  actually talked to him. During that 40 minutes of wasted life the girlfriend started yelling at me in the back ground. “Tell your baby mama you want to see your son! Tell her J.D that you are getting a lawyer and she’ll never see your kid again.” He told her to shut up and she yelled back that if he didn’t have his ass in the restaurant in 5 minutes he could take the ring and shove it up his ass.

When I asked him if that was The Dog Sitter he denied said, it was no one and then said it was some girl from Air Force. Then he went into this elaborate  explanation about how he had friends that cared about him. I asked he what she met my shoving a ring up his ass, and he said he didn’t know what I was talking.  Seriously I don’t know why I bothered to speak with. Once he started threatening me and telling me what I was going to do,  I hung up.

I find this so amusing that he can’t be honest. How do I know he lies? He speaks!

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